Jackie's Birthday

Heading Home


LaDonna and Lindsey are heading back to MT. with a fully packed car ...

Lindsey's Graduation

Alexah's Birthday Party

Alexah said goodbye to 3 and hello to 4

Dinner with Tom and Laurie

Tom, Laurie, and Karlye came for a visit and for Alexah's birthday. Also in the visit was Rascal, he came along to meet his cousin Ty.


Karlye's Birthday

Karlye wasn't here for her birthday, so we
celebrated with a little birthday cake for her.

School Days

Alexah just changed from Day Care to a pre-Kindergarten school. This is a picture as she leaves for her 1st day at her new school.

Congratulations Lindsey

Lindsey finished school at the Florida Academy in Cosmetology,
Massage, Skin Care, and Nail Tech. Later this month she graduates and
will be heading back to Montana at the end of the month and start using these new found skills.

    A Birthday Cruise

Our sunset dinner cruise.

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